Uniform and Equipment


The uniform:

  • It identifies students with each other and as members of The Garibaldi School community.
  • It is associated with the high standards of work, conduct and dress we set for each of the students.
  • Most importantly, it is worth emphasising that in recent years it was the students at the school who wanted to develop a more formal uniform.

School uniform for boys and girls

  • Plain white shirt with collar (can be short sleeved; no soft collar or polo shirts)
  • Black ‘v’ neck official School jumper with grey trim
  • Official clip-on School tie
  • Plain black trousers
    • No leggings, jeggings, tight fashion trousers or skinny trousers
    • No denim or cord material
  • Or (for girls) plain black skirt must be knee length
    • Plain black tights must be worn with a skirt, no socks or patterned tights
  • Black shoes (no trainers/pumps)
  • A plain dark coloured coat (no hoodies, denim or leather jackets)
  • School bag
  • Natural hair colour

Thank you for not wearing

  • Jewellery (except one stud in each ear and no body piercings are allowed)
  • Denim or leather clothing of any sort
  • Hoodies either as a jumper or as a coat
  • Excessive make-up
  • Caps/hats, in lessons or around the School site
  • Trainers or other similar sports and designer clothing.

P.E. clothing for boys & girls

  • Plain navy blue polo shirt (from September 2017 to July 2018)
  • Plain navy blue shorts
  • Plain navy blue socks
  • Trainers that offer suitable support, either laced or Velcro (plimsolls must not be worn)

Optional extras for colder weather for P.E.

  • Grey hooded sweatshirt (from September 2017 to July 2018)
  • Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms

If your child is unable to do PE for any medical reason, or has the incorrect kit, a note must be provided, explaining the problem; they might still be asked to help officiate in a lesson.

Jewellery of any kind must be removed before the lesson starts.

Students who persistently fail to meet uniform expectations may be referred to SWAT so that contact can be made with parents/carers and suitable sanctions put in place. We do have spare uniform and will use this for students who arrive at school dressed outside of our Uniform Policy.


Organising books and equipment

Students will need a bag to carry their books and equipment. It should be large enough to take A4 files. We recommend it should be waterproof.

Make sure students have a set of equipment. This should consist of: pencils, pens, rubber, sharpener, crayons, felt pens, ruler, glue stick and a calculator.

A labelled A4 plastic or card folder may make homework organisation easier.

An additional A4 plastic folder for finished homework is useful.

Encourage students to leave valuables at home.

Mobile phones are really useful for staying in touch with students, particularly so you know where they are on their journey to and from the school. However, we do expect that phones will be switched off during the day and students are responsible for their safe keeping. Phones must not be out during lessons.

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