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Welcome to the garibaldi school

I am extremely proud to be the head of The Garibaldi School.

We believe that it is our duty to develop the aspirations of our students, we set very high standards, encourage all students to aim high and achieve these high standards for themselves. We deliver great quality teaching and a personalised approach to learning to support all our students. We have developed a safe environment where students feel comfortable, well support and confident.

At The Garibaldi School all of our staff show genuine care for every student in their charge. Strong, supporting and trusting relationships are a real strength of the school. We ensure that the welfare of each student is catered for. This support structure includes regular contact with parents and carers, we try to make sure that we actively engage and listen to parents and carers. The words ‘pride’, ‘respect’ and ‘achieve’ summarise our school vision.

We encourage our students to take pride in themselves, the school and their community. We believe that all members of the school should behave well and have respect for each other. Therefore, by the time our students leave, they will have achieved well and developed the skills and qualities that they will need to lead a successful adult life.

Our exam results are strong and evidence that our vision is working. However, words cannot replicate the spirit of a vibrant learning environment. To get a real understanding of what The Garibaldi School is all about, please feel free to attend our open evenings or book on to our designated school tours to feel the spirit for yourself.

Ryan Hawley

October 2019


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