Exam Results 2017

KS4 Attainment

KS4 AttainmentSchoolNationalLA
Progress 8 Score0.310
Attainment 843.244.647.8
% of pupils achieving 5+ in English and Maths4039.645.5
% of pupils achieving 4+ in English and Maths6063.965.9
% of pupils achieving EBacc at grade 5/C or above319.721.4
% of pupils entered for English Baccalaureate93537.2

KS4 Destinations

KS4 DestinationsSchoolNationalLA
% of pupils staying in education or entering employment899493

KS5 Attainment

KS5 AttainmentSchoolNationalLA
Number of students who studied A Level qualifications36
A Level Qualification Progress Score-0.17
Average A Level Qualification ResultC-C+C
Number of students who studied Academic qualifications36
Academic Qualification Progress Score-0.17
Average Academic Qualification ResultC-C+C
No of pupils entered for Applied General qualifications16
Applied General Qualification Progress Score0.2
Average point score per applied general entry expressed as aDist*-DistDist

September 2018


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