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Attendance News

Every Week - The best Mentor Group attendance receive fast passes. In addition to this those achieving 100% for the week will get a box of chocolates to share.

End of term - Breakfast at Hawley’s where breakfast will be served by Mr Hawley in the Hub to the best KS3 Mentor Group.

End of term – Mr Aldred will deliver a Subway breakfast to the best Mentor Group in KS4

KS4 raffle draw – tickets will be drawn at Christmas and Easter with around 6 prizes per Mentor Group

KS3 Snapstreak – students with the longest streak in each Mentor Group will win a Golden Ticket (Fast Pass and Hub Voucher combined)

Every half term - individual prizes of Amazon Vouchers; everyone with over 96% will be entered into a draw. Non-uniform day for the Mentor Group with the best attendance.

100% Challenge – Random students selected to achieve 100% attendance over a set period – Hub Voucher is up for grabs.

End of the year – Free Activity Day for the Mentor Group with the best attendance over the year.

PROM – There will also be exclusive Year 11 prizes such as luxury transport to the Prom, free tickets etc

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