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The National Justice Museum Visit

On the 25th January students from the school visited the National Museum of Justice at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. The visit by Year 11 formed part of their GCSE History course and involved studying how and why the site had changed over the years. During the visit the students took part in a guided tour of the museum where they interacted with characters from the past. Students looked at how conditions in the prison have changed over time, from the 12th Century where prisoners where thrown into a pit, until the closure of the prison in the early 20th Century. Students were also able to see how policing had changed over time by visiting the former Police Station that also occupied the site making the Galleries of Justice one of the only places where an individual could be arrested, tried, sentenced and executed all in the same building.

Students had the opportunity to recreate a historic court case and they took on the roles of the judge, jury and solicitors. Students have been following up on their work in class in preparation for their exams in the summer.

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