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Holocaust Memorial Day

On the 27th January 1945 Russian forces liberated the Nazi Death camp known as Auschwitz, the anniversary of this event has become International Holocaust Memorial Day and students from The Garibaldi School have taken part in the annual commemorations by listening to survivors' testimonies. This year approximately 80 students from Year 8 listened to the testimony of Janine Webber, a Polish Jewish survivor of the Holocaust who spent her child hood hiding from the Nazi’s. Students had been learning about the Holocaust during their lessons and this testimony formed part of their work on how the Nazi’s treated minorities.

The school also took part in the National Holocaust Memorial Centre’s White Rose Appeal. This year students wore purple wristbands to show their support for the centre which is run thanks to charitable donations, as well as showing their support for anti-racism campaigns. The White Rose was selected as a symbol of remembrance because it was a name used by an Anti-Nazi resistance group during the second World War who tried to help Jews avoid becoming victims.

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